Пессимизм - это когда все грустно и предсказуемо, а оптимизм - это когда новые грабли всегда сюрприз и весело!)) (с) Смерть.
09.01.2009 в 03:04
Пишет Head_ache:

So sad, isn’t it?
I loved you with all my heart and stability life. I loved you as the sunset loves the water surface. I saw you through pink sunglasses and didn’t want to take them off. I knew the end will comes one day and takes my happiness and bright life away. I kept on loving you when you left me. I kept on looking through my window at the night. So sad, isn’t it?

…… Keep on smiling, girl. Even your smile is empty. Even the pain eats you from inside. Even the world broke your perfect image. Keep on telling everyone around that you doing well. Keep on hiding your heard splinters inside even they are sharp.
Strong doll…….. So sad isn’t it??

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